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The purpose of a CV is to gain interest in order to obtain a meeting to discuss your career objectives or your suitability for a specific role. Therefore your objective is to demonstrate that you have the right level of experience, skills and personal qualities and that you are worthy of an interview.

Presentation and Layout

  • Always ensure you CV is well laid out with structured text passages and plenty of white space – not only will it be easier to read, but it will also look professional.
  • Start with your name and address, telephone number and personal information at the top. Then use sub-headings to cover your employment history, education, qualifications, employment history, professional memberships and hobbies and interests.


  • Keep your CV brief and to the point, but make sure it contains all of the relevant information. Remember the recipient of your CV will most likely receive a lot of CV’s so make sure you only cover the information you need to grab attention. You can expand on it later.
  • Tailor your resume to a specific position where possible.
  • Summarise your strengths early in the content of the Employment History section.
  • Start your Employment History with your most recent employment experience listing your position title, the company, your responsibilities and the line of report. Make sure you list dates of employment.
  • Mention aspects of your job which relate to the required skills for the position you are applying for and your responsibilities for specific areas of work.
  • Detail your reasons for leaving previous positions, except for your present job as you can discuss this in your covering letter or during the interview.
  • Summarise your education giving details of the level you achieved, specific qualifications and where and when they were obtained.
  • Provide business referee details or make reference to supplying them at interview.

Be ready for the call

 A telephone screening call can come at any time. Be sure everyone in your household – children, flat mates etc. are aware you may be receiving calls from recruiters and companies. Ask them to answer the phone in a polite, professional manner. While you are at it, make sure your voice mail message is professional and upbeat. No music or jokes for the time being – just a straightforward message.